Foster Creek Corporation


Foster Creek Corporation has approximately 30,000 net mineral acres available for lease to third parties for the exploration and production of oil and gas.  The mineral acreage is located in Wilkinson, Amite, and Jefferson counties in Mississippi.

The minerals in this area have resulted in prolific development opportunities in the Frio, Wilcox, and Tuscaloosa formations.  A large section of our mineral interest is covered by the Buffalo River and Macedonia 3-D seismic studies.  In addition, there are numerous currently producing and shut-in wells throughout the acreage with log and other data available.

Foster Creek minerals are also centered in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play that covers much of Wilkinson and Amite counties in Mississippi and the Florida parishes of southeast Louisiana.  New and improved fracturing technology is producing significant development opportunities similar to that of the Haynesville Shale of north Louisiana and the Eagle Ford Shale of south Texas.

To discuss leasing of our mineral properties please contact Fred Tufts at (504) 887-9327, or

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